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Palmetto Bay Inc.

Palmetto Bay Inc. is incorporated in Delaware. We are a free-lance photography and consulting company. We do custom photographic assignments, sell limited edition photographs, and teach photography (in groups and one-on-one).

We do Macintosh computer consulting and teaching in California's Central San Joaquin Valley area.


I am a Senior Accident Analyst (Consultant) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, one of the USA's National Laboratories. I work in the Nonproliferation, Arms Control and International Security (NAI) Directorate. I specialize in nuclear, chemical, biological, and explosives accident/safety analysis and explosives manufacturing Process Safety Management (PSM) [29 CFR 1910.119].

I am the project leader and code custodian for POV-Ray Ricochet Tracker, a computer code to perform quantitative analysis of discrete shrapnel, fragment, or bullet paths in complex 3-D space. This code is based on the open-source POV-Ray raytracing code, Macintosh PPC version. Here is a copy of a US Dept. of Defense Explosives Safety Conference paper on POV-Ray Ricochet Tracker.

I am a free-lance photographer with 30+ years experience. Look at our photography page for some of our photographs.

Lyn and I are volunteer Docents at a local Nature Conservancy preserve. We are also researchers and volunteer workers at the preserve.

I enjoy photography, teaching photography classes and workshops, long-distance bicycling, bird watching, hiking, and using our Macintosh 8100, PowerBook G3/300, and iMac.

I am the:

Author and Host for Snapshots to Photographs, a free weekly interactive multimedia photography class/discussion on the Internet;

Host for Apple User Group Community Leaders, a monthly Internet Conference featuring leaders from top Macintosh User Groups;

Host for the Apple User Group Advisory Board, a monthly Internet Conference featuring members of Apple's world-wide and regional advisory boards; and

Moderator for the Java chat room for The Mac Show, a weekly Internet QuickTime Audio broadcast.

I am a volunteer computer consultant for the Macintosh Multimedia Lab at several local schools. Lyn and I are mentors for Future Scientists and Engineers of American. I teach Introduction To The Internet classes to teachers and parents at two schools.

This is my first web site attempt. Constructive suggestions and feedback are welcomed.

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I am a full time student, a wife, a mother and a grandmother. I still am not sure what I want to be when I grow up but I have time to figure it out...

I have training and degrees in several fields but education is my favorite.

I am also a free-lance photographer. My husband and I do photo shoots together. Between us we hold many photography awards.

I enjoy photography, long-distance bicycling, bird watching. hiking, sewing and using MY Power Macintosh 8100.

I am the:

Host for Apple Learning Center - The Meeting Place, a weekly Educator's Roundtable;

Author and Host for Kitchen Kapers, a weekly chat that covers topics ranging from kitchen tools to Grandma's recipes.

David and I are mentors for Future Scientists and Engineers of America.

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Our oldest son is Steven. He, his wife Des, our granddaughter Sheridan and our grandson Seth live in Alaska.

Our oldest daughter is Myree. Myree is the mother of our oldest granddaughter Courtney and our only grandson Colby. They live in Connecticut.

Our youngest daughter is Beth. She lives in South Carolina. She has a B.S. degree in psychology. Beth is the mother of our other two granddaughters, Amanda and Lauren.

Damien is our youngest son. He recently graduated from high school and is now in college, major in business.

Exchange Students

Snapshots and information about our exchange students from around the world.


"The one with the most true friends at the end wins!"

Eduard Schwan

We believe that friends are one of the most important things in life. Therefore, we are very proud to call people our friends.

Here are a few of our friends personal friends and our online friends.

My supervisor at LLNL has a very interesting web site. Click on the banner to see it.