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Photography Tutorials

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The tutorials below are adapted from text that I prepare for Snapshots To Photographs, which uses an original Teaching-By-Example approach. The online series is open to all, and is targeted at a broad range of photographers from amateurs to professionals. The conference is held each Thursday at 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific on the World Without Borders Internet conference site.

While the tutorials below are stand-alone, they are not transcripts of the conference sessions, and therefore do not include the audience's questions and comments and my replies (which includes a LOT of information). To get the most benefit from the tutorials, you need to attend the online classes.

I include URLs of various photographs from diverse sites on the Internet as examples of the techniques under discussion in these classes. In the live, online sessions we all view the photographs while we discuss the techniques. This use is neither endorsement nor critisism of these photographs, the photographers, the web sites, or any associated businesses. The photographs are merely referred to as examples for illustration and discussion. All applicable copyrights have been complied with in the viewing of these photos as examples.

The first tutorial below is primarily for beginners. The others will usually involve more advanced techniques suitable for beginners, more advanced amateurs, and interested professionals.

I will be adding, changing, and deleting these tutorial texts as the online conference progresses. Check back often for updates.

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 Basic Photo Tips and Techniques For Beginners


 Rule Of Thirds

 Basic Portrait Compositions and Tips


 Portrait Lighting Basics


 Portrait Lighting With Multiple Lights


 Baby and Children's Portraits


 High Contrast Lighting Fixes


 Wildlife Photography Basics


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